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“Uniquely insightful and admirably-researched, THE TURNING POINT offers a bold new approach to pandemic preparedness - one focused on overall health and well-being.”

- Martin A. Makary, MD, MPH, author of The Price we Pay


"Stein brilliantly interrogates the tension between individual health and the health of the population. He offers a critically important approach for creating a new partnership between the health care and public health systems. This is a daring and original work for our divided times." -- Bapu Jena, MD, PhD, economist and physician at Harvard University and host of Freakonomics, MD


“Michael Stein is a thoughtful, compassionate, exceptional physician, and the same qualities are evident on every page of Accidental Kindness. These intimate and breath-taking patient stories remind me that the essence of medicine is to ease suffering, however and wherever and in whomever it occurs.”

- Dr. Gavin Francis, author of Adventures in Being Human

“Stein has come to understand the emotions that patients experience when illness descends, the feeling that the body has betrayed them, the terror of the unknown, the loss of a legion of familiar comforts, and the loneliness of being kidnapped into the land of the ill.” -The New York Times
'THE ADDICT' is more than a narrative about the forward and backward steps that lead from addiction to recovery. It's a useful, sensible, and often inspiring guide to how the medical profession does - and should - treat the sick, and the sick at heart." -Francine Prose, The Oprah Magazine

“Broke is a powerful read, one full of surprising details, that provides a fascinating portrayal of medical patients and their relationship with poverty.Stein lifts up his patients’ voices so we can understand just what they have experienced, and his own voice is gentle, reflective, and empathetic. This is  book every doctor and patient should read."

“The Rape of the Muse is a novel of many depths. There is excitement, rumination, eroticism, and intrigue. It is a strong study of character and of the importance of integrity. And it’s a compelling read. It is fiction at a very high level. Exceptional.” 
--New York Journal of Books

"In these pithy essays, Michael Stein and Sandro Galea convincingly show that American health depends less on medical care than on the state of our jobs, families, social networks, and environment. Recommended for anyone with an interest in public health."

"Brilliant, lyrical, and daring." -Annie Dillard


"With resonant intelligence and the generous irony of Walker Percy or Milan Kundera, this local story about minor medical events enlarges, by virtue of the author's gift, to embrace and illuminate the perils, the abandonments, the dark joys, and the giddy celebrations of being human." -New England Journal of Medicine

"A beautiful and beautifully written love story...It's almost a given that In the Age of Love will be read in one sitting, and that the knockout last paragraph will prompt re-reading." -The Phoenix
"A sophisticated, intense and compact tale of love and regret." Publishers Weekly

"He has drawn an unforgettable picture of the feistiness and resilience of someone who is in the throes of losing who she is. With deft pacing and skillful variations in tone, that it leaves you walking through your own memories of child-parent interactions is testimony to its quiet power." -The Phoenix

"A fierce literary intelligence." -Publishers Weekly


"A thoroughly off-kilter manner, a swift and skillfully compressed plot. The result is an absolute charmer with a spry and sarcastic edge." -Kirkus Reviews


"An entirely original literary thriller, no standard police story." -The Forward


"With this third novel, Stein demonstrates his staying power. He exudes a quiet moral authority that lends his novels a gravitas." -Publishers  Weekly

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