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Jonathan Parrish has been invited to give a lecture at the National Education Association conference in New Orleans, an honor that as a teacher he can't refuse. When he glances at the attendee list, he finds Lily Mayeux's name. They haven't seen each other in twelve years. When it ended abruptly with her, he knew he was reponsible; he had made a mistake. When Lily hears the message on her hotel room phone inviting her to lunch in New Orlenas, she knows she will have a lot to think about if she doesn't face Jonathan, doesn't sit across from him in a matter-of-fact way for a voluntary, controlled hour.


When former lovers are thrown together by surprising chance, can the power of memory lift away reality? Told in the alternating voice of Jonathan and Lily, "In The Age of Love" is a novel of anticipation, desire, and the acute awareness of time passing.



"A beautiful and beautifully written love story...It's almost a given that In the Age of Love will be read in one sitting, and that the knockout last paragraph will prompt re-reading." -The Phoenix
"A sophisticated, intense and compact tale of love and regret." Publishers Weekly

"Who hasn't wondered what's become of a past love? Stein ponders this question with candor and grace; his characters are satisfyingly complex, and his prose is lean and spare." -Booklist


"The author's clever ending make 'Love' worth waiting for... Stein handles the conclusion of the 12 years of lovers' regrets beautifully." -The Oklahoman


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