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Uncomfortable Conversations about the Public's Health

Michael Stein and Sandro Galea

  • A collection of essays and data illustrations, authored and assembled by two of America's leading physicians and public health experts, on what matters in American health

  • Renders everyday matters of American life -- like school, housing, police, even cell phones -- as greater determinants of health than medicine and healthcare

  • An essential primer for understanding the factors that underlie health in America, which are not typically discussed in contemporary healthcare conversations


Praise for PAINED

"In these pithy essays, Michael Stein and Sandro Galea convincingly show that American health depends less on medical care than on the state of our jobs, families, social networks, and environment. Recommended for anyone with an interest in public health." -- Sandeep Jauhar, author of Heart: A History

"A stellar essay will inform, captivate, and motivate the reader to action. In this respect, Sandro Galea and Michael Stein contribute not one, but more than 50 essays illustrating in their compelling fashion how healthy people represent more than just the integrity of their DNA and the quality of their medical care. In Pained, Galea and Stein underscore at once the magnitude of the challenges, the public nature of the solutions, and their daunting prospects. Fortunately, the public health community is accustomed to daunting challenges, and this book will serve as an important resource for development of the strategies required." -- Michael McGinnis, National Academy of Medicine

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